Working with Faysal has completed changed the way I view workouts, movement, and even day to day work. Before seeing Faysal I had poor posture, body misalignment, and constant injuries from stress, sitting all day, and previous sports endeavors. Through body work, tailor made exercises, weekly check-ins, and guided breathing Faysal was able to shift my body, emotions, and perspective in life. I really value the work Faysal has given to me and the knowledge he has imparted about alignment not only with your body but also with your goals and overall health in life. I truly recommend Faysal because of his dedication to his craft, ingenuity, creativeness, passion, and overall amazing client care. In 8 weeks, I went from crutches to being able to hold body poses I had never dreamed of doing and even doing my very first single leg squat. If you are willing to dedicate time to your health and well being Faysal is sure to aid in that process.

– Aaron Gonzales

I have struggled with bad posture my entire adult life, but did not know how to fix it.  When Faysal told me about his program, I quickly became interested in seeing if it could actually work.  Within a few sessions, we started seeing improvements in my body and posture almost immediately.  The progress was easy to see as we compared my weekly photos.  Faysal is highly skilled at identifying misalignment within the body and identifying exercises and modifications to fix them.  I have also greatly benefited from Faysal’s hands-on body work, both to help alleviate tightness and to recover from a past unrelated injury. I’m extremely excited about the advancements I’ve made this far and look forward to continuing the alignment work with Faysal!

– Jamie Slocum

When I first started seeing Faysal, I had a knee injury that stopped me from walking more than half a mile. After only eight weeks I was able to go on a previously planned 100 mile backpacking trip. I had already seen multiple doctors and physical therapists over a few months, but Faysal was the only one to get the pain to go away and to teach me the right exercises and overall physical and mental awareness for long term health. He understands the body extremely well, but more importantly he sticks to his promise to give 100% of his energy to helping you improve. I knew from the moment I started working with him that he was fully invested in my healing, growth, and overall well being, and I am so grateful for that.

– Rachel Pinsker

I have been wanting to have better posture for years. I have worked with trainers at the gym to help and also found exercises to do at home that were supposed to help but nothing really worked. I was told by people in the past that I wouldn’t be able to correct some issues with my posture because of previous accidents – I had pretty much accepted that I will have bad posture for life. That is, until Faysal told me with so much certainty that we could definitely correct my posture and pretty quickly. Faysal’s expertise and knowledge about the body is beyond impressive. He is so caring and perceptive to what is going on for me in each session. The exercises are always tailored to my needs (due to previous injuries) which I really appreciate. I think it was after only 3 sessions I was walking down the street and saw a reflection of myself and I was blown away by how much my posture had improved. I knew I could feel a difference but I had no idea my posture had gotten that much better already. I had to stop and send him a message of thanks. Since then it has only gotten better and better and better. Thank you so much Faysal!

– Steven Shea

Before I started working with Faysal I was getting erratic sharp pains in my knees. I was unable to rely on my knees not to randomly buckle under. It was a new pain and getting worse so I sought help from him.

Not only did he address the knees but also my whole skeletal frame. I saw photo evidence that during our work together I went from shoulders rolling forward and hands hanging in front to a much more balanced and erect posture. And the knee pain went away completely.

I did my work for sure—I did all of the exercises Faysal recommended. And Faysal gave all of his attention to my concerns and the pains that I wanted to address. It is obvious that he truly cares for his clients.

If you’re willing to do the work, I highly recommend Faysal for his dedication and the changes he can support.

– Cindy S.

Can’t say enough good things about Faysal and his work. Although he has helped to alleviate a hamstring issue, neck issue, and shoulder issue, I am absolutely amazed at what he has done for my jaw. I suffered acute jaw joint symptoms and was in excruciating pain. Within 15 minutes, Faysal had magically caused all the pain to go away, resulting in a perfectly comfortable and functioning joint. Seemed to know exactly what to do and how to relieve my pain. Highly recommend.

– Dr. Kate B.

Faysal was able to help me with more than just my body and posture but also my ability to consistently focus and follow through with daily exercise routines. He made sure to make me feel cared about as well by adjusting his schedule and typical routine with patients to accommodate for my difficult college schedule. Faysal would check in on me and how my body is feeling as well as ask me about my life and we would be able to chat about normal things while we worked like good friends. I really appreciate everything he’s done for my mental and physical well-being!

– Tarek M.

I was referred to Faysal by my yoga teacher when I complained to her that I was dealing with some chronic neck and shoulder pain that was interfering with my sleep. The pain was nagging and had become constant, likely the result of an injury nearly 30 years ago and a stagnant daily desk job. After two sessions with Faysal, my pain had subsided and I was able to sleep through the night again. Additionally, he enlightened me about some basic (bad) posture characteristics I have and how to make some minor adjustments with major benefits. I would say that he is a miracle worker, but that implies smoke and mirrors. Faysal’s approach was straightforward and approachable, he asked me my goals and needs, and tailored a unique program for me, my needs, and my goals, rather than trying to have me adapt to his set program or routine. The exercises he suggested were simple, common sense based and easy to complete, with maximum effect. Furthermore, I felt that Faysal was really interested in me as a person and took genuine care of my success and health. I can’t say enough good things about Faysal and am thrilled with our results.

– Mark M.

Faysal! I just finished the most beautiful 10k trail race and it was possible because of my work with you. I came to see you when I was in constant pain and now, 6 weeks later, I ran slow and steady…and ran the whole thing. I had a hard time running 2 miles when I came to see you because of the pain in my hip and shoulder.

I have always been super active and a huge part of my overall well-being is doing things outdoors, which requires me to have a minimal level of fitness. But like a lot of people, I fell into the “more is better’ idea of being fit and healthy. Years of pushing myself hard, most recently in CrossFit, led to a back injury that stopped me in my tracks for months. I went from top fitness conditioning to stiff, immobile and in pain for months. I started yoga for pain management when I first attended some of your classes at Peacebank and quickly realized the depth of your understanding of the body and it’s functionality. I worked with a number of good practitioners, but I haven’t met someone who is as effective as you are. When I started working with you, within the first week, chronic consistent pain was gone! Not just in my back, but in other areas that I hadn’t thought were unrelated…shoulders, hips, ankles. But maybe the most amazing thing is how caring, compassionate and passionate you are about what you do. I know that you understand the mental frustration and emotional trauma behind injuries and physical limitations. You were my partner in listening to my body, asking the hard questions, getting to the bottom of where I was stuck and why, in my body and mind. I am so happy I can count you as a teacher, guide and friend. Thank you!!!! Con luz,

– Porter T.

Having had 2 major abdominal surgeries and multiple hospital stays, I have had over a decade of chronic pain. From neck, shoulder, back, sacral and more. Every test was negative to determine why. No medical provider could tell me why. I tried many things that did not help.

I then met Faysal at Peacebank for his stretch classes. After a couple of months of taking his class 2x per week… I realized his knowledge of body movement, exercises, modifications, and his quirky humor was not only enjoyable but helpful to my well being.

We built a friendship and I came to learn that his knowledge was not just from education of books and classes but also his own personal life experiences. Which explains how he has such empathy for others and a great understanding of their pains. I knew then that if anyone could help me… it would be Faysal. His life experiences and his kind heart makes him a better health provider.

I started seeing Faysal for body alignment and within 2 months, we saw improvement. His menu of exercises , hands on body work, and his mental support have been life changing for me. I leave his appointments more mobile, able to breath easier, and my mind feels lighter. I am so grateful for him. He truly cares and is constantly thinking and working at how he can better help me to reach my health goals. I am finally healing in mind, body, and spirit. Thank you Faysal.

– Jessica W.

Faysal has amazing qualities of a teacher and guide. He’s always learning new techniques and methods which he bring to his sessions and in turn benefits the client. He’s a great listener and will adjust his sessions to address specific areas that need work. The outcome is I’m a lot more aware of the mechanics of my body and how to improve my posture and flexibility outside the sessions. This isn’t Yoga nor is it Cross Fit. It’s Faysal Fit!

– Bassel Ojjeh

I met Faysal through a yoga studio, stumbling into his class one day in desperate need of some stretching. The moment I walked into his class, I felt at home. He has a way of making you feel so welcome.  I already felt an improvement after my first class with him.  I soon learned Faysal provided more healing through one-on-one sessions. I quickly pursued this option as I had been suffering from a lot of body aches and pain for a long time. During my first one-on-one session, Faysal focused on many problem areas using special tools, techniques, and stretches to loosen my tight muscles. Some areas were so intense as I had been holding on to so much pain and trauma. Near the end of that first session, I got off his table and felt a fire hose of feelings. Simply walking across the room, I felt so light and airy. I felt so much relief, I even started to cry. It was like my body was letting go of years of pain and built up emotions. This continued to happen during each session for a couple months. Each time, letting go a little more. Now, instead of making space for more trauma or pain, I practice selfcare. I learned so much from Faysal. Not only is he an amazing healer, he provides key take-aways that will continue to help you move forward and not fall back on old habits. My favorite quote from him was, “Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life”. I follow this simple set of words each day now. Faysal provided healing, teaching, compassion, and even confidence. He truly helped nudge me in the right direction.

– Adrienne Klein

Faysal’s positive energy make his classes really enjoyable and the real results I feel inspire me to keep returning each week. His emphasis on body awareness made me realize with growing precision that there is pain and tightness on the right side of my body.

I told Faysal about the pain and he offered to work with me individually. During these sessions, his expert level understanding of the body and spirit shined as it does in class. His work to my neck reduced tightness significantly. He also provided, among other things, insights about pain, book resources, visualization techniques, and showed great care! Faysal’s heart and wealth of knowledge make him perfect for body work and he is a joy to be around!

Thanks in large part to Faysal, as I become more flexible and balanced there is less pain. I am grateful to work with him and I know many others are as well!

– Andrew Gomez

Faysal offers a comprehensive understanding of your body and its structure. He connects all the dots and puts together a manageable and effective program and cheers you on with his big heart every step of the way.

– Erin G.

I spent some time with Faysal working on my posture and alignment. For context I work all day long in an office, with a desk setup, and seated for long periods of time. I tend to get back pain even doing yoga, and recently got knee surgery (ACL repair). For all those reasons I thought it was a great idea to learn from the master (Faysal Abi). He helped immensely with my Body Awareness, taught me the right way my body should be aligned, and a lot of daily exercise to improve and keep the body strong and functional which truly addressed all my needs.

I definitely recommend Faysal. Even if you are doing other activities like physical therapy, yoga and others, the one-on-one sessions have been really valuable.

– Franco Valoppi

I recently started working with Faysal after hearing about the great work he did with my niece and her chronic back pain (which he resolved in 4 sessions). For over two years, I have been dealing with persistent pain and so far have had no luck between numerous doctor visits and physical therapy sessions at Stanford. In a matter of just a few weeks, Faysal has helped me be more in tune with my body, posture and bad habits which ultimately throw the entire body off and put me at risk of further injury. I appreciate his kindness, his preparation and how much he enjoys what he does. You truly feel his dedication and passion as soon as you step foot into his practice. He not only works with you on the physical front but he also coaches you mentally so you understand why you are doing the movements and the long term benefits of each exercise/stretch/etc. I wish I knew Faysal years ago but am grateful that I have had the opportunity to meet such an amazing person. His work is absolutely priceless!

– Kaveh Nafissi

I always said that the weakest part of my body was my neck, I have been suffering from neck pain and I ruled out many activities because of fear of getting the pain to the next level. For more than two years I have been working on my body and mind with Faysal. Fast forward two years my neck feels stronger than ever, no more pain and learned that the root of the pain wasn’t my neck itself. Can’t be grateful enough to Faysal, who teaches me how important it is to hear what your body is trying to tell you and how to heal by combining strengthening and stretching exercises. Faysal knows how the human body works and what to do in order to be the best we can be. Today I have to say that I can swim, I can hike, bike and even I can do Olympic weightlifting with an awareness that I would have never imagined!

– Becky Kliener

My daughter has been having severe back pain for over a year. She has seen more than half a dozen doctors/physical therapists and spent thousands of dollars in the process to relieve the pain. In two visits, Faysal helped relieve her back pain by more than 80%, allowing her to have a better quality of life. He is very professional, gentle and is very knowledgeable of the complexity between the mind and the body. I highly recommend you try him out before you waste money and time on Western medicine.

– Cathrine Nafissi

I met Faysal when attending his “Stretching and Mobility” classes at PeaceBank Yoga Studio. I was impressed by his teaching in using specific anatomy terms. He describes the movements of the muscles, tendons and ligaments correctly. As a matter of fact, I always felt good after his classes. I had “frozen shoulder” (a bone spur which the sport medical doctor suggested to inject steroids); also I had chronic lower back pain and “bonions”. After 8 weeks in therapy, all my pain are gone. Faysal designed a personal program to help me getting strong and aligning my posture. FaysaI also taught me Yoga and meditation. I really appreciate Faysal helping me physically and mentally. Faysal is a loving and caring person. It is nice to be with Faysal, I feel safe and peaceful.

– Lori V.

I have had chronic back pain for the past 3 years and after just two sessions with Faysal my chronic back pain was gone. Faysal’s expertise is body alignment and his approach is very intuitive and scientific.

In my case, we discovered that my chronic pain was caused by lack of alignment & weakness of muscles of my feet & other muscles. Through targeted exercise routines for my various issues, we have been able to correct and enhance a number of my body alignment problems in just 7 sessions.

Through this journey with Faysal, I have learned how the misalignment of the body creates aches & pains and have developed a greater sense of awareness to stay engaged with the exercises to continually build and strengthen the weaker areas in my body. Being pain free and able to do the things I enjoy is an amazing gift! I am so grateful to have found Faysal for this important investment to better health & vitality.

– Dr. Shirin Salehinia

My first three months of working one-on-one with Faysal have been transformative. I’ve enjoyed consistent improvement in my posture and how my body feels throughout the day, I’m sleeping better, my digestion is better, and I have more energy.

Faysal’s approach is very personalized and he puts so much care and attention into everything we do. I couldn’t be happier with the results and I feel like we’re just getting started.

– Jonathan Mayer, CEO & Founder of Spider Farm Productions

I have worked with Faysal for about 10 weeks. About 10 years ago I was in an accident and my neck was broken, this caused many problems in my posture and limited movement in my neck and upper back. In this short time he has been able to give me 70% more movement in my neck and upper back. My posture is much better and most of the aches and pains I was experiencing are gone! He showed me such sincere caring in my treatment. He is totally professional and takes his clients outcomes very seriously. I can’t express how much I appreciate him.

– Kim G.

Faysal is incredibly knowledgeable and skillful at the work he does. His stretch classes had an immediate impact on my physical and mental well being so I was curious to work 1:1 with him. This has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself – from a physical mobility and alignment perspective, as well as overall health and longevity, and mental / emotional benefits as well. I have worked with deep tissue and sports massage and done mobility work in the past but Faysal’s approach is unique and the best I’ve experienced. Working with him has exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend working with him.

– Morgan E.

I started seeing Faysal a few months after I survived a traumatic and fatal car accident, which took life of my fiancé and left me with a constellation of injuries and tremendous emotional pain.
 I went through a surgery for open fractures on the left wrist, but multiple fractures in my lower back, foot, fingers, as well as ribs, belly, chest and brain injuries were left to heal on their own.
 As a dance instructor, I really cared to heal my body, and even though I was optimistic and persistent, it felt like a lot to do on my own…

A friend told me about Faysal’s holistic healing massage and posture therapy and I decided to give it a try. So HAPPY and GRATEFUL I made that choice!!!
I remember being amazed by the fact that I could rely on my foot without pain right after our 1st session! Faysal was very caring from the start, very intuitive, supportive, knowledgeable, and I felt such a relief and trust each time he’d work on my body. I could see/feel the results in my body, mind and heart during the session or right after! Soon I was able to sleep through the night without getting interrupted by pain.

My neck, back, hip and foot pain and tightness are now gone/almost gone. Faysal’s tips, tools and exercises continue to help my healing journey!

I would highly recommend Faysal to anyone dealing with pain or wanting to improve mobility, flexibility and posture.
 He’s a gifted and highly skilled body healer, who’s very clearly committed to continuously learning and expanding his expertise in order to help us + empower & inspire us.
 He will genuinely hold the space for all your physical, (+emotional and mental) pain while healing and understanding what your body needs. I am forever grateful for his kindness and help!

– Angela V.

About a year ago, I herniated a disc in my lower back. I was in immense pain every day.  For months, I tried everything I could to feel better and heal myself.  Eventually, I started a yoga stretch class at Peacebank Yoga Studio. As luck would have it, Faysal was the instructor and absolutely changed my life. Going to his stretch classes once a week made me feel much better, so I hired him for private sessions to stretch more frequently. Faysal is an absolute professional in every sense of the word and on top of that he genuinely cares about all of his clients. Faysal not only took away all of my pain, but he has become a good friend and life coach. I’m fortunate to have him in my life.

– Nick Burke

I have been working with Faysal for over two years. The level of passion; energy; detailed understanding of the body and new learning that he keeps adding to our work is unique. Our sessions go by way too fast! I have learned that there are always more ways and things the body can improve. He has made me infinitely more aware of my body and mind. Can’t imagine doing what I do without his energy and work.

– Micky Malka

I worked with Faysal one-on-one for about a year, and I have never felt stronger or healthier than I did during that time. Faysal is caring, intuitive, and funny. He pushed me hard and I absolutely loved it. He quickly developed a deep understanding of my physical capabilities and challenges, and he always made me feel completely at ease.

During the year we worked together, I got stronger, my balance improved — with his help I even managed to pull off several of those elusive handstands! I loved getting into great shape and being able to do more and more challenging exercises. It really improved my confidence and mood overall.

I was heartbroken to have to end our yoga partnership when I moved away from the area, but I am delighted to continue to call him a dear friend to this day. And I’m always happy when I get a rare opportunity to drop in to his class and get my ass handed to me again.

– Jeannette Biffle

Faysal’s work goes far beyond physical. Although he excels at intuitively honing in on the parts of the body that need addressing, he deeply understands the connection between mind, body and spirit. All the while maintaining a light, humorous and humble approach. What makes him a master is that he recognizes the importance of being a forever student, learning and growing infinitely. He knows how to instill awareness, in turn leading you to find your own conclusions without interjection. His work is life changing.

– Breanna Matczak

A friend referred me to Faysal because I had very severe arm pain. I had been suffering on and off for several years and doctors and physical therapy couldn’t help me, except to suggest ibuprofen or cortisone shots. The pain was reduced considerably after the first session and completely gone by the fifth. Faysal has taught me how the pain was caused by misalignment and over use of my bicep muscle.

I have been seeing Faysal weekly for 7 months. With a 20 minute per day investment of time, I have achieved dramatically improved posture and I am two sizes smaller. But most important is that I now understand how to move properly. This makes yoga and other exercises much more effective and less likely to cause injury.

Faysal is very intuitive and caring. He puts all of his energy into helping his clients live their healthiest life. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

– Noreen King

“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.”
– Kevin Trudeau