Faysal sitting at the beach

After suffering a debilitating back injury from a car accident, Faysal became intimately familiar with the traditional or, “expert” approach to chronic pain and injury: pharmaceutical drugs, physical therapy, and finally surgery.

When that formula failed to provide any relief, Faysal began to study the human body’s design, function, pain and the mind-body connection. After several certifications including yoga, Massage Therapy and Posture Alignment, Faysal pieced together a powerful approach to helping people with chronic pain or those simply looking to optimize their body by increasing their strength and flexibility.

With his roots in martial arts, yoga, extreme fitness and sports, Faysal is well versed in the demands of an active body. He specializes in correcting people’s posture, lessening chronic pain, and improving flexibility and strength through training.

Faysal is a full time Body Worker, Posture Alignment Specialist, Yoga teacher & Yoga Teacher Trainer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Faysal is also a student of the Damanhur School of Meditation, a hypnotherapist and a believer in the mind body connection.

When he is not working with clients, you can find him hiking with his German Shepherd Zen, reading about health, wellness, and nutrition or continuing his education to provide greater service for his clients.


  • Posture Alignment Specialist
  • Certified Massage Therapist
  • Yoga Teacher and Yoga Teacher Trainer
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Hypnotherapist

“If you seek peace, be still. If you seek wisdom, be silent. If you seek love, be yourself.”
– Becca Lee