Faysal’s Philosophy

Thank you for visiting my website. Although this is merely a glimpse of what I offer, I’m hoping this personal part of my page allows you to connect deeper to my beliefs, perspective and approach to working with the body. This is in order to better evaluate if we are aligned for working with one another.

Clients usually come to me for three main reasons: The first reason being chronic pain. Usually these clients have seen countless doctors, specialists, physical therapists and can’t seem to get any resolve to their pain. Second reason is flexibility and mobility work. These clients want to feel more youthful and move with greater ease. Finally, clients that are looking to gain strength and optimize their body. These Clients tend to have a specific goal in mind (Handstand, Squat, peak yoga poses and so on).

I feel the body already knows how to heal itself and sometimes it just needs a small reminder or a bit of guidance in the right direction. You are the expert on your own body. Think of me as a guide on your personal journey when it comes to the physical body and awareness.

There’s no doubt that the body and how it operates is a mystery on so many levels. Is it your posture that’s causing your chronic pain? Maybe it’s an emotional state that hasn’t been processed? Maybe it’s the way you’re sitting while working? The possibilities for the root cause of pain are endless.

I’ve spent half of my life studying the body and this program has been put together through years of personal experience, schooling, work with groups and individuals. I feel sound posture is one of the most crucial elements to longevity and health, which is why it’s such a significant part of my program. Simply telling someone to, “sit upright,” doesn’t solve the problem.

The body has to be retrained, stretched and molded back to its original or intended design. I do this through exercises and techniques which I studied through years of Yoga and the Egoscue Method.

While working on correcting the frame of the body with posture therapy, I use several different body work techniques to realign muscle fibers, restore range of motion, reduce or eliminate pain, increase blood flow to an area and gain overall functionality of the body.

Once posture is aligned and chronic pain is addressed, the journey to optimize the body begins. This may involve increased strength training, flexibility or whatever the intended goal of the client might be. The above is a brief summary of my approach.

In addition to the technical work I do with the body, sometimes I operate in a scope outside rationality and reason. I feel it’s best to illustrate this type of work through a story. I once had a client referred to me who was suffering from neck pain. During our initial meeting and while listening to her speak of her experience I had a hunch or gut feeling that it was her pillow that was causing her neck problems.

I decided to trust my feeling and suggested that she try a new pillow and call me in a few days to let me know how things go. At first she was surprised to hear me mention her pillow. We ended our session early with the hope of seeing how things change with a new pillow. A few days later I received a phone call. Her pain was completely gone. She kept asking me, “How did you know?”. I don’t know the answer to that question. More often than not, this type of story happens with people I work with.

If I can gift you one thing, it would be AWARENESS. That is the tool for change and evolution. Without it, we are stuck in the same circle with the same patterns. My ultimate goal is to help you live the best version of yourself physically. An optimal and pain free body isn’t a fantasy. With a unique approach designed and created for you, the potential for change is limitless. I look forward to working together.

With you on this journey, Faysal Abi

“Let your practice be a celebration of life”
– Seido lee deBarros