Take Control and Transform Your Body

Align Your Body, Live Pain Free

After suffering a debilitating back injury from a car accident, when the traditional medical approach did not deliver results I had to forge my own path to healing, leading me to study the human body’s design, function, pain and the mind-body connection.

I have now devoted half my life to this work and my goal is to apply my years of direct experience, learning and certifications to empower you to live in optimal physical health.

I specialize in:

  • Correcting posture and body dysfunction
  • Lessening chronic pain
  • Improving flexibility, mobility and strength training
  • Beginner and advanced yoga, handstands and inversions
Meditation class


Faysal doing a handstand on the beach


Framed picture of Faysal used as a retail display


Students in a handstand workshop


“Let your practice be a celebration of life”
– Seido lee deBarros